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Planning an Office Move?

When planning an office move there are a million things to think about. Do we need to bring in a contractor to modify the layout? How should the furniture be arranged? Who's going to sit where? Is all of our stuff going to fit? How soon can we change the awful color on the wall?

And while all of those questions are crucial to any office move, one of the most important considerations is your IT infrastructure. We always recommend bringing in your favorite IT consultant to assist with planning the technical portion of your move. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Cabling: Perhaps your new office already has a designated server room. In this case, you'll typically find cabling and you can only hope the cabling is in-tact, otherwise, be prepared for an unexpected expense. While all may look well with the cabling, there's always the possibility that the lines have been cut in the drop ceiling or within the wall. An IT consultant will be able to confirm whether or not the cabling is intact and usable. If you've chosen a raw space, you'll want your IT consultant to help you plan the cabling infrastructure from start to finish.

2. Layout: When you're ready to start planning your layout, your IT consultant can make recommendations about the placement of your workstations, printers, copiers etc. We're pro's at organizing technology and can make sure that printers/copiers are placed where they can be networked and where everyone can happily access them.

3. Planning: It's important to properly plan the move of your technology in an effort to minimize downtime. Ensuring that your phone and internet lines are moved first is a great start. Otherwise, you'll have disconnected everything and moved all of your equipment, but will have no way of putting it back online. Your consultant can also help to keep all of the network equipment organized to make relocation as fast and easy as possible.

Electro-America has successfully assisted in the planning and execution of office moves for our client-base. References available!


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