To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

I went to the Verizon store last month to upgrade my phone (FINALLY!). When debating between the plethora of iPhones, I was asked whether or not I'm "one of those people who needs the latest and greatest of everything." I chuckled and, with a smile, replied no, absolutely not.

Despite being a technology professional, I am first and foremost frugal and deliberate in my understanding that new isn't always better. You're talking to the girl who didn't get a flat screen TV until about 5 years ago. The girl who clung tightly to her VCR until a DVD player became available for $25. And yes, the girl who opted for the regular iPhone 6 (not the 6s, not the 6s+) at the Verizon store.

I certainly can't blame those who would want the latest and greatest though. New technology is often times pretty awesome! It is important, however to understand the implications of an upgrade before we're so quick to jump on it.

For example, Microsoft is currently offering free upgrades to Windows 10. For business, I recommend staying away until further testing is done. Many of the applications used for business, particularly specialized apps, are not ready for Windows 10. You will likely run into compatibility issues that could severely disrupt your business and cause an unknown amount of downtime.

Apple recently released iOS 9 for the iPhone....and within about a 1 week time span, released 9.0.1 and 9.0.2. Another release, 9.1, is soon to follow.

My point is, there's not a single update or new release that I know of that has come out that is not followed by a multitude of patches and bug fixes, so it's best to wait until all of the issues have been ironed out before proceeding with the newest of the new.

And, of course, when it comes to technology and your business, we always recommend consulting with an IT Professional who can confirm 100% that an upgrade will not hurt, but help the success and profitability of your company.


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