10 Ways "The Cloud" Can Change Your Life

The All-Inclusive Private Cloud, engineered by Electro-America can genuinely change your life as a business owner or business administrator! Here's how: 1. ELIMINATE MAJOR HARDWARE COSTS! Our cloud offers you the opportunity to enjoy the latest and greatest Microsoft systems without having to spend money on server hardware forever! Our low monthly rate includes the setup of your business technology infrastructure on your own dedicated server held within our state of the art data center. We provide you with the most current operating system and include all updates/upgrade as they become available. Total Savings- $5,000 - $6,000 per server and thousands in Operating System and Licensing Costs.

2. ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE! Never again will you have to worry about an inability to access your critical business data. Your business on the cloud can be accessed from absolutely anywhere where there is an internet connection. You can also access your systems from just about any device including mobile devices!

3. BUSINESS CONTINUITY! All of our cloud-based clients were up and running 100% during Superstorm Sandy. You can enjoy the same level of business continuity! Never be put out again by power outages, local system failure, or other business disaster.

4. DISASTER RECOVERY! Our cloud system is backed up hourly. Should you ever lose an important file, we can restore you quickly and easily!

5. FREE UPGRADES! Our low monthly cloud service rate includes updates to all of your software! Never worry about having to upgrade your software or operating systems ever again! This is ON US!

6. ELIMINATE MOST SOFTWARE COSTS! We include the full Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote, and Adobe Reader). We will also happily install any software that you currently utilize.

7. REDUCTION IN UTILITY BILL! Local computer networks devour energy and therefore can cost hundreds of dollars per month in electricity bills between powering the systems and keeping server rooms cool. With our cloud, these costs are eliminated entirely.

8. MORE OFFICE SPACE! Many of our clients have been able to free up enough space by removing server hardware, battery backups, and cooling systems to provide an additional office! More employees equal more productivity and adding users to the cloud is incredibly easy with Electro-America!

9. COMPLETE SUPPORT! Our cloud service includes helpdesk support! Reap the benefits of having your own on-site network admin without the added costs! We offer 24/7/365 emergency support too!

10. PEACE OF MIND! By coming on board our cloud, you can stop worrying about backups, server health, disk space, system security, and more! We have got you COVERED! Don't believe us? You be the judge! Contact us today for a 100% free trial! No commitment required! Call 908-687-0020 or email us at info@electro-america.com.

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