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Same-Day Transcription

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Transcribing services handled by an exceptionally advanced voice recognition cloud-based software system: 

99% accurate and designed to understand your voice the first time you get on the system to dictate.

This product is great for those in the medical, legal and law enforcement fields, and can even transcribe dictations regardless of accent or dialect; this cloud-based software service is remarkably smart!

Try it free for 5 days! Set up takes as little as 20 minutes!


Best of all, there is NO COST to get started! 


Benefits include:

  • No money out of your pocket! There is no need to purchase any hardware\software or licenses! You only get billed when you use the service.

  • Use your own cell phone or any phone in your office to dictate and submit your dictations. Other dictation options available.

  • You do not need to purchase or install any software on your computer.

  • You do not have to sign any long term contract.

  • Technical support available free of charge 24/7.

  • It takes just 20 minutes to set you up and less than an hour for training.

  • Fully HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

  • When transcriptions are ready, receive a text or email message indicating that your transcriptions are ready for review.

  • Automatically have transcriptions email, text or fax to you.

  • Login to your own session to see  and review all your transcriptions, edit, copy\paste as needed

  • Transcriptions can be sent directly to your EMR.


Over 3500 clients in 47 states since its release!

For more questions or to setup a demo please call 908-687-0020 or complete the contact form to the right of the page.


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