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New Jersey Private Cloud Computing
NJ IT Services and Support
Nj Computer Repair and Maintenance

Our unique private cloud infrastructure offers your business all the benefits of a local on-site network without the high expense, plus the added bonus of guaranteed uptime!

Outsourced IT Services

Allow us to serve as your Network Administrator or as an extension of your IT Department. Our well-rounded team of Engineers are available for consulting and support anytime. 

Repair and 

Keep your computers, printers, and other network hardware running optimally at all times. Electro-America offers different levels of repair and matinenance services.

Free White Paper: How to Spot Phishing Attacks

and Defend Your Business Against Them


"Technology problems are going to happen and when they do, Electro-America is not the company that is going to stand around and point fingers, Electro-America is the company that is going to find a solution to the problem and solve it as fast and efficiently as possible. We highly recommend Electro-America for all your business technology needs" - Jay M. - Hack, Piro, O'Day, Merklinger, Wallace, and McKenna

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